During our most recent crew meeting, we tackled a lot! The girls arrived and we started out the meeting with an activity involving putting together maps. Ann and I did not give them any help in how to put the maps together so the girls had to work together and communicate effectively to get the job done. The began aligning maps by UTMs. This method does work but it takes a lot of time to put the maps together. They made it about halfway before one of the girls figured out there is an image on the bottom of the map called the index of adjoining maps. This provides a very simple way to know, firstly, the map that you are currently looking at, and secondly, all of the maps that surround that map. After the index to adjoining maps was found, it only took 15 minutes to put all of the maps together!

After our map activity, Ann and I decided it would be a good experience to flip canoes in the rain! As we walked out of basecamp, we went over the general rules about canoes and the parts of the canoe. Many crews were out at basecamp so we had many visitors while learning how to canoe flip. After going through the basic steps of canoe flipping, the rain really started to come down (there'll be new pictures up from our meeting)! All of the girls got the canoe up on the shoulders even in the pouring rain. This provided the perfect opportunity to discuss problem soling in less than ideal weather situations and how to adapt while on trial. 

Post rain storm, our crew got to dry off in basecamp and worked on sanding their paddles. We bonded and had lots of laughs while shivering and sanding. This was a bit of a late meeting but we also accomplished and learned many new skills! We will be doing another day with canoe flipping where we will introduce the aspect of portaging. Since not everyone was able to attend our most recent meeting, this will provide an opportunity for those who missed to gain the basic skills of canoe flipping. 

Looking forward to our next meeting! Remember, if you're not early, you're late ;)

A small reminder for parents- the parent meeting will be on Thursday, May 25th at 7:30pm in the basecamp meeting room!