Our meeting this week finally had two guides! KJ arrived from Omaha earlier today so now all crew members are in one area and ready to get going with trip preparation and planning. Almost all of the crew was able to meet so we headed out to basecamp to chat about our goals on the trip. This was mainly to get some idea of what the girls had heard about from other participants about their trips and what this crew wants to do. Ideas like a night paddle, a voyageur morning, and various portages were discussed. Ann and KJ pulled crew journals from previous years so the girls would have an opportunity to see different options in terms of portages and routes. 

After chatting about some ideas for this summer's trip, we moved to the attic of basecamp where the girls surprised Ann with an ice cream cake for her birthday! They really pulled a fast one on us today! While we ate ice cream cake, we discussed what everyone wanted to get out of this trip. After going over crew goals and answering a few more questions, we cleaned up basecamp and headed out to spend some time with our mommas for Mother's Day!

A big thank you for everyone's hard work to make time in your busy schedule and an even bigger thank you to the families that continue to understand the time commitment for Voyageurs. It's been an absolute breeze so far and I hope it continues like so!

Girls- we'll see you either at the basecamp cleanup or at our next crew meeting! 

Parents- we are looking forward to the parent meeting next week! Feel free to think about potential questions to ask!

Your guides, 

KJ and Ann