Hello Everyone,

On Sunday the crew got together to spend some time at basecamp. At the meeting we covered a few things. We started the meeting talking about personal gear and clothing that we will be shopping for at Savers, hopefully soon! After some questions and answers, we embarked on a tour around basecamp so everyone can feel more at home. The tour is a great opportunity to become more familiar with the area because the girls will be spending a majority of their time there :) We then went inside and hung out for a while talking about the trip. We shared a few memories from our previous trips and talked about our upcoming trip! Hearing what everyone is planning on painting on their paddles is so exciting, we can't wait to see the finished products. We are excited for our next meeting and can't wait to start practicing skills! 

In other news: We have set a date for the Berdan/Heinen parent meeting! Thursday May 25th at 7:30pm at Voyageurs Basecamp will be the plan. At the meeting we will cover details about this upcoming summer and hopefully be able to answer any questions that are asked. 

See you soon,

Ann and KJ