The crew met Monday and Wednesday of this past week! On Monday we got out on the water for a paddle. Mother Nature of course decided to cut our paddle short with rain and thunderstorms. The whole crew headed off the water and inside to stay dry. While inside, the crew practiced some useful knots that will come in handy everyday on trail. To end the night we set up the large maps to talk more about our route. We focused on where we want to start and end the trip. So our crew will be paddling the Bloodvein River into Lake Winnipeg this summer! This is so exciting:) 

On Wednesday we got out on the water again and this time we had over an hour to practice different paddling strokes and get a feel for paddling a canoe. After our paddle the girls put of their first tarp. Tarps are very useful on any rainy day to take shelter from the rain. 

All of the skills are coming along great! 

Guide Ann