Hello All, 

The last two days have been huge!! The girls came out to basecamp to canoe flip and portage. This was some of the girls first time flipping the canoe and for some it was the second, but everyone did such an amazing job! Everyone got it on their shoulders at least once if not more than once! We then paired up and did our first portage to the tennis courts. The girls were rockstars! Everyone made it to the tennis courts which is about 1/4 mile! So awesome! The best part yet, the girls felt so accomplished afterwards which is awesome to see! I can't wait to see how they progress with all of the skills throughout the summer! 

We also went through our menu and planned the meals we will be cooking and eating while up in Canada! Everyone got to know each others likes and dislikes when it comes to food. That being said everyone was more than willing to compromise with each other so that everyone had some favorites. 

Guide Ann