Crew Olympics: 6/8

Yay! A Day of fun

All of the crews gathered at Basecamp to put some of the skills they have learned to the test and compete against each other in Paddling, Portaging, Tarp Set-up and Kettle Pack Packing! This day is a good reminder to crews on what skills they have mastered and what skills they still need to work on! It is also a day for fun and a great chance for the crew to practice teamwork and collaboration! The crew successfully had a fun day! 

Guide Ann 


Food Packing Day: 6/5

Hello Hello:) 

Well our crew accomplished our first big preparation event, FOOD PACKING DAY!! Every crew gathered at CHS to pack a majority of the food that we will be taking on trail this summer! The crews got to interact and have a lot of fun while getting work done!! The girls worked fast and efficiently and got a lot done before noon! The day went so smoothly and I couldn't have asked for better participation and work! 

The girls got asked on their first crew date! This is just a fun opportunity for crews to hang out and get to know each other while doing something fun and usually not voyageur related! July 12th is getting closer and closer! 

Guide Ann

Sunday Funday

Today our crew got together at the Murphy's house! Thanks to the Murphy's for allowing our crew's dehydrator site to be at their house. We got the dehydrator all set up and ready to start dehydrating the food that we will be taking on trail this summer! Then we took a fun break and all tie dyed T-shirts and socks! The girls came up with the idea of taking the shirts on trail which is so fun! After the fun, the crew learned about the Kettle Pack. The Kettle Pack is one of the 9 packs that we will be taking up to Canada with us. It houses things like the grill, stoves, tarps, gas, kettles and more. The girls all got to help each other pack it, which can be challenging because there is so much to pack. The girls ended the day with a group portage out at basecamp! 


Labor Day Week (5/28 & 5/30)

The crew met Monday and Wednesday of this past week! On Monday we got out on the water for a paddle. Mother Nature of course decided to cut our paddle short with rain and thunderstorms. The whole crew headed off the water and inside to stay dry. While inside, the crew practiced some useful knots that will come in handy everyday on trail. To end the night we set up the large maps to talk more about our route. We focused on where we want to start and end the trip. So our crew will be paddling the Bloodvein River into Lake Winnipeg this summer! This is so exciting:) 

On Wednesday we got out on the water again and this time we had over an hour to practice different paddling strokes and get a feel for paddling a canoe. After our paddle the girls put of their first tarp. Tarps are very useful on any rainy day to take shelter from the rain. 

All of the skills are coming along great! 

Guide Ann

One small step for the girls, one giant leap for the crew

Hello All, 

The last two days have been huge!! The girls came out to basecamp to canoe flip and portage. This was some of the girls first time flipping the canoe and for some it was the second, but everyone did such an amazing job! Everyone got it on their shoulders at least once if not more than once! We then paired up and did our first portage to the tennis courts. The girls were rockstars! Everyone made it to the tennis courts which is about 1/4 mile! So awesome! The best part yet, the girls felt so accomplished afterwards which is awesome to see! I can't wait to see how they progress with all of the skills throughout the summer! 

We also went through our menu and planned the meals we will be cooking and eating while up in Canada! Everyone got to know each others likes and dislikes when it comes to food. That being said everyone was more than willing to compromise with each other so that everyone had some favorites. 

Guide Ann 

Canoe Flipping

Hi Everyone! 

Today we learned our first hard skill, yay!!! The girls met at basecamp to learn how to flip a canoe on to their shoulders in order to portage. Some of the people can make it look easy, but everyone will tell you that it is a skill that requires patience, practice, and determination. The girls rocked it! Some girls were able to get the canoe on their shoulders, and the rest were so close that I know they will get it at the next meeting. It was so awesome to see the girls encouraging each other and offering tips and tricks that worked for them. We ended the meeting just talking about scheduling and some details about trail! The girls are starting to get more comfortable around each other and I can already see the bond forming!

I can't wait to hear about and see the girl's comparing bruises at the next meeting. Don't worry parents, we should be proud of our bruises! It means we were working hard! 

Guide Ann

First Meeting

Hello Everyone :)

We have had our first meeting which means the summer has finally begun. This meeting was packed with information and fun! We got to talk a lot about pre-trip expectations and rules that come along with being a voyageur. We started with a tour of basecamp, the girls second home for the the summer! After that we sat around and discussed what we want to accomplish as a crew this summer and it was great to hear the things that the girls are interested in. To end the meeting, we did the infamous map activity. The girls got to piece together a set of 20 maps like a puzzle to create one big map that we will be traveling across as a crew this summer! It was awesome to see the girls work together and listen to each other to accomplish something! There will be plenty of that this summer and I couldn't be more excited for them! 

See photo album for some pictures.

Guide Ann 


Hi Parents and Partcipants,

Welcome to the Berdan Crew Blog for 2018! Despite our never ending winter, summer will be here before we know it. I am so excited and honored to by leading this group of girls on their own Voyageur experience. 

To start, I want to tell you a little about myself. My name is Ann Berdan. I am from Saint Cloud. I am currently a sophomore attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities majoring in Nursing.  This will be my second summer guiding and my fourth trip with the Les Voyageur program. I went on my first trip in 2015, Far North in 2016, and co-guided with KJ Heinen last year (2017). This program has been just a huge part of my life the past four years and I can't wait for you all to experience it. 

I really want everyone present at our first meeting and because of some busy schedules it looks like the first time we will all be meeting is the Parent Meeting on Sunday April 22nd @ 6:00pm. I am so eager to meet everyone and get this summer started. 


Ann Berdan