Hi Everyone!

We had a busy couple of weeks and are checking things off of our to do list very quickly!

On June 21, we took our crew to savers to get their trail clothes. There was a good variety of colors, which will brighten up the day and camp at night. The girls found the majority of what they will need on trail, and it isn't a lot at all! 

June 23rd had lots of learning involved throughout the day. We were on the water for the whole meeting. We taught the girls how to do a T-rescue in case if one of the canoes tipped in the middle of the river. A T-rescue is when another canoe T's up to the one upside down, takes it out of the water on their canoe, flips it the right way after all the water drains, and then slides it back in the water right side up. Friday was a little more windy than we had hoped, and we had to do a T-rescue earlier than expected. My partner, Brooke, did very well learning on the fly with a real life situation in helping Anna and Sofia back into a canoe that floats. We taught them all how to do a rescue when we got to the bay area. They did a great job! After that, we paddled to another bay to teach them how to J-lean. The object is to lean and fill the canoe with water until it sinks while using a high or low brace with their paddles, but not tipping it. This technique helps the girls get a feel for how the canoe reacts with their shifting body weight and how far the canoe can lean without tipping. This is very useful for whitewater! 

On Tuesday the 27th, the girls filled most of the spices we will bring on trail. The crew also finished packing all of the food we were missing, except for one or two things we are still waiting for. The last thing we did was put our packs together... or at least we tried:) It was hard to find the right clevis pins, and some of the packs were the wrong ones for the certain frame. We will finish this for sure before we start packing the packs;)

Last Wednesday, Fred came in the beginning to check over our route. We brought up google maps to take a closer look, rerouted a little bit, and measured the coordinates of our potential campsites. We have two big name portages, the Black Lake portages and Big Sas, and we will be on the Bloodvein River for the last half of our trip. The route looks really good with beautiful scenery, some challenges to push the girls, and many memories to make!

Wednesday night, we sewed all of the ditty bags we will be using to keep some of our personal gear in. Paddle cases were also sewn to keep the paddles as safe as possible. The night went very smooth thanks to all of parent volunteers to help teach the girls how to sew properly!

On Friday, all of us went for a long portage that ended up being a mile. Everyone pushed through and completed the trek, Great Job! Afterwards we went through some safety with some of the equipment we will be bringing up on trail. We ended the meeting with explaining and going into detail about some more of the personal equipment. Trail is coming up super fast!

Also, the girls have done a very good job at keeping the dehydrator going at all hours. Almost all of the food is done, and that is very nice to have the weight lifted off everyones shoulders so we can focus on any last preparations.

We have a busy week ahead of us and I hope everyone brings their game faces:)

Keep up the hard work!!!

Your guides,

Hannah and Megan