Hello everyone!

The past 3 days have been busy ones! Crew olympics are coming up fast and we want our crew to be just as prepared as the first session crews.

On Wednesday we went out to the Boyle household to set up our dehydrating site. The girls learned how to prepare all the fruits and vegetables for the dehydrating process. We also taught them how to bag the food, a great skill to have for food packing day. Keeping the site clean is essential to prevent animals and insects from getting in the food. It also keeps the food from spoiling and having a good, clean site in general is nice to have.

On Thursday, we taught the girls a variety of necessary skills. We started off with portaging the canoes down the road for the first time. All of the girls completed the trek and the encouragement was great to hear and see. After that, we went through the parts of a paddle and showed the girls three different paddle strokes. We had them practice the strokes on the dock and we will be paddling with canoes in the water very soon! The night ended with the crew learning how to pack the kettle pack, which was impressive for their first time!

Today, Friday, we had a crew dinner date at Mexican Village. Afterwards, we went to the Boot Shack to fit everyone with the right pair of boots. Along with the boots, the girls got 2 pairs of socks and liners, a tub of mink oil, and another set of laces. We went through how to mink oil the boots and it should be done fairly soon so they can start breaking in the boots. 

The last 3 days were busy, but we got a lot done. The girls' skills are improving greatly, and they are working as a team to complete the dynamics of the crew. 

Keep up the hard work!

Hannah and Megan