Hi Everyone!

First of all, the girls did a fantastic job at crew olympics!! We placed in the middle of the pack against everyone, but for just the second session crews we placed in the top spot. The Olympics consisted of putting up a tarp, packing the kettle pack, paddling and portaging, which they all contributed help to very well!

On Wednesday, we had a crew meeting to plan our route. They did a good job of this and worked very well together! There are some key points we will be stopping at, and the Bloodvein River is the main river we will be on for the last half of the trip.

Friday was a big day. We had our baking day to make hot chocolate, bannock, hudson bay bread, and the hamburger. We finished everything and then half of the girls went to the dehydrator with the meat and half went to Basecamp to finish packing the food we did not get on food packing day. It was a long day, but we got a lot accomplished.

Sunday was first session send off. Some of the girls came and it was good for them to realize that it will be them leaving in a little over three weeks. That night we had our crew sleepover. We tie dyed shirts and handed out equipment. We showed them how to start a fire like we would on trail and the crew got it going with only using sticks and matches, no paper! Really good! We slept in Basecamp and woke up at 5 to go paddling. It was a beautiful morning and the girls really got the J- Stroke down! Afterwards, we showed the girls how to use the stoves we bring with us and cooked our breakfast on there. Both of the days were super productive and prepared the girls well for trail. 

Overall, the teamwork keeps improving and that's exactly what we like to see! Keep up the good work ladies!!

Megan and Hannah