Hi Everyone!

We had another busy week preparing for our trip. The girls were very productive throughout the whole week!

On Tuesday we had our Beef Jerky Day. This was a day where all of the crews get together to separate the meat from the fat on the jerky slabs. We made a tasty marinade for the meat to soak in before we dehydrated it later on. Everyone stayed focused and we got done in an impressive amount of time.

Wednesday was a great day. The crew paddled on the Mississippi River near Basecamp for the first time. They got a feel for what the action of each stroke does to a canoe in the water. The girls learned a little more about teamwork as well. Everyone got the hang of the correct way to paddle fairly well! At the end of the meeting, we showed the girls how to set up a tarp properly. It combined all of the knots they learned into one activity. The final product was sturdy and would have kept us dry. 

Thursday was another important day. This was the day we bagged almost all of the food we will be bringing up on trail. Jess did a fantastic job as the food manager and made it through the stressful day! The girls all did so well at jumping in to find food and help out whenever possible. Great job everyone!!!

Friday, we had an optional paddling day. Anna, Emma, and Sofia all took advantage of this opportunity. They really figured out how to keep the canoe moving in a straight line and got the J stroke down. The improvement of skills is great to see!

Lastly, we have crew olympics coming up on Monday the 12th. This is our crews' time to shine and show off all of the amazing skills they have learned thus far. We know they will make us proud!

Your Guides,

Hannah and Megan