Hello everyone!

We have been busy refining our skills! The girls are learning more and more everyday and that is great to see!

Last Wednesday, we were finally able to get on the water! We learned another stroke called the C-stroke, and also worked on our J-stroke. The girls were really getting the hang of paddling. The same day we went over how to start the stoves.  They are nice to know how to use in case of a rainy trip.

Tonight, we went paddling again. The crew learned how to T-rescue, just in case a canoe would dump in the middle of a lake. This rescue allows another canoe to safely get the canoe that tipped over back in the water with no water in the canoe. We also learned how to J-lean. The object of the "game" was to lean the canoe to fill it with water, but without tipping the canoe. Using a high and low brace with the paddle helped the girls not tip. It was a windy day to paddle but we showed the wind who was boss. 

To end the night, Fred came to take a look at our route. He gave us some tips and suggestions to help better our route. We will be making a few minor changes to the route. The girls really enjoyed all the input he had!

14 days till trail!