Hello Everyone!

The crew has been very busy the last couple weeks! Probably the busiest anyone has ever been in a long time. We got a lot of necessary preparations done for the trip in such a short amount of time. 

About a week ago, we had Food Packing day, Beef Jerky day, and Hudson Bay Bread Baking day. Food packing day, the crew dressed up as duck duck gray duck, and all of my little ducklings were running around packing all of the food we needed for trail. Beef jerky day, the crew cut their own jerky and put it in the homemade Voyageur marinade for flavor. It went on the dehydrator after it was done soaking. Then the next day we had Hudson bay bread baking day. We made our Bay Bread, Hot Chocolate, Bannock, and Hamburger. The crew experimented with different flavors on the bay bread and hamburger. I think the crew and myself is looking forward to the variety of tastes we will have up in Canada!

Then we had crew olympics. All of the crews competed in a paddling race, putting up a quality tarp, packing a kettle pack, and portaging. It was a lot of fun!

Ditty bag day was last Sunday. The girls learned how to sew their own ditty bags they will be using on trail. Thanks to everyone who let us use sewing machines and shared their knowledge and expertise!! It was so helpful and made everything go very smoothly!! 

The next day we learned about whitewater, and went to Watab Park to look at a smaller scale of whitewater. The crew learned how to orient a map and how to use a compass in case of a bush crash where we would have to make our own trail up there. I also taught the girls how to set up our tents. On Tuesday, we went for a long paddle, all the way to Little Rock Lake. The girls learned a lot and are doing great with skills!

The last thing we did was pack EVERYTHING. Food packs, personal packs, kettle packs, tents, resupply boxes, you name it. The crew fit everything we will be using for a month in one truck! After our two packing days, I think the girls realize this is it and we are gonna be gone in a few short days!

Thank you to all the parents who have helped in any way possible! Whether it was bringing/making lunches, letting us use your home, sewing expertise, crew coordinators, varnishing paddles, and anything else that helped out the crew. We all appreciate everything done to help us have a good experience in Canada.

Thanks for everyone's hard work!!!