Hi Everyone!

We have had some very productive meetings this week! The girls are learning so much and are catching on really fast which is great!

On Tuesday we did our first portage. Learning to balance the canoe can be challenging but everyone got the hang of it pretty good. With that, the girls practiced their flipping skills. They also started on planning their menu for trail. Lots of excitement and good ideas floating around for eating trail meals!

Today, we started our meeting at the boot shack and everyone got a pair of boots, socks, laces, and mink oil. Then we went to our dehydrating site and put pears on for our first fruit. The girls learned how to tie bags correctly and how to dehydrate fruits and veggies properly. There is a rotation set up for checking the dehydrator so everyone will be putting in just about the same amount of time. They also completed their menu order and got personal equipment. 

Everyone is doing a great job at staying busy during these meetings. Canada will be here before we know it!

Guide Megan