Hi Everyone!

We have been busy this past week! The first meeting was last Wednesday at basecamp. We did a map activity where the girls worked together to figure out how to put the maps together. They got a good system down, but had to have a little help to figure out the correct way. Now, they will be putting maps  together in no time! I also taught them three knots that we will use up in Canada.

On Monday, we went through personal equipment and did a savers run. I would say everyone had a pretty successful trip with lots of crazy clothes. 

Today, I taught the girls how to flip a canoe. It is a working progress, but for everyone's first time they did great! Girl's might be coming home with a few bruises but canoes tend to have the effect:) We also learned one more knot today. 

Next week should be another great week to continue learning a variety of skills!

32 days until we are off into the wilderness.

Keep up the good work,